Hello. Thank you for visiting Stop Whispering Media. We are Matthew Kayser and Drew Montgomery. We are passionate husbands, fathers, musicians, writers, designers, dreamers, and lovers of all things creative.

We started Stop Whispering Media because we have, over the course of the past decade, identified what we do well and have enjoyed success doing it. We write intriguing bios, press releases, and other text-based materials. We design eye-catching graphics for websites, posters, and album and CD artwork. We produce and develop intriguing stories. Stories like yours.

In short, we use these skills to create the materials that publicists and marketing companies use to get press, build up buzz, and hook potential fans and customers. If you have decided to forego expensive PR campaigns and instead have chosen the DIY path, you still need top-notch promotional materials. If this is you, we are your new best friends.

We look forward to hearing about you and your project. The digital age is a ridiculously exciting and rewarding time for those who possess a clear and compelling message. Let us craft your message so that when you reach out to the masses, you will do so with confidence, no longer timid and feeling the need to whisper.